Saturday, 18 August 2012

vCenter Operations Manager 5 Guides

vCenter Operations Manager 5 Guides


Here is a compliation of links for vCenter Operations Manager 5 or Vc Ops for short.

Official VMware Documentation
Advanced Getting Started guide

VMware Community Site

VMware TV on YouTube - several videos:
VMware vCenter Operations 5.0 - Introduction Video
VMware vCenter Operations Manager 5.0 - Install and Configure

Gregg Robertson @

Series of posts from Ed Grigson @

Iwan Rahabok technical deep-dive @ Community site (large PPT)

Iwan Rahabok’s blog @ (several posts)

VMware KB 2012021 - Working with Alert Notification Rules in vCenter Operations Manager

Tutorial: Building Custom Dashboards in vCOps

Rightsizing VMs using vCenter CapacityIQ - Part 1
Rightsizing VMs using vCenter CapacityIQ - Part 2

Generating SSL Certificates for vCenter Operations Manager 5.0

vCOps sessions at VMworld ’11

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