Thursday, 31 July 2014

FREE eBOOK: A Guide to Microsoft’s Cloud Productivity Suite – Office 365

A Guide to Microsoft’s Cloud Productivity Suite 
– Office 365

The Office 365 Book presents the fundamental concepts of Office 365 for consumers, consisting of 15 small chapters covering major features, benefits, and installation. 

This eBook will shed light on some of the following topics:
  • How does Office 365 boost your productivity?
  • How Office 365 is different from Microsoft Office?
  • Office 365 System requirements
  • An overview of the features in Office 365
  • Mobile apps for Office 365
HURRY!! GET YOUR FREE COPY TODAY: “A Guide to Microsoft’s Cloud Productivity Suite – Office 365

NOTE: You can download the eBOOK quickly using your LinkedIN credentials or simply follow a short signup process.


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