Saturday, 22 October 2016

NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab: The Complete Guide

NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab: The Complete Guide

Admit it, there's nothing like building your own super lab with cool software! And things get even better when someone goes out all the way to create an equally super lab guide!

That's exactly what my good friend Neil Anderson has done.. You can now download a copy of his Build Your Own NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab absolutely free!

The guide talks about setting up your very own NetApp ONTAP 9 (Previously called "Clustered DataNTAP") using VMware Workstation. It walks you through the basic topology of the Lab and the components required to set it all up. I guess the best part of the entire guide is the meticulous attention to detail, explaining each step of the way with screenshots.. that really makes things a lot simpler and easier to follow (I mean you really can't go wrong with this!)

Here is a gist of what the guide has to offer:
  • Introduction
  • Lab Topology Diagram
  • Lab Topology Notes
  • IP Addressing Tables
  • Lab Notes
  • VMware Workstation Player Install
  • VyOS Router Build
  • NetApp Simulator Build
  • Windows Server Build
  • Linux Build
  • SuperPutty Install

If you follow thguide down to the letter you can have your entire Get your copy today right HERE!