Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cloud Infographics- The Real Cost of Data in the Cloud

Things to Think About Before You Put Your Data in the Cloud

We have a lot of conversations with customers these days about Cloud Computing. Nearly every organization we speak to has put some information in the cloud, or is thinking about doing so. As data security purists we say, “don’t do it.” Cloud Computing is just putting more data on the Internet, which opens up a series of additional vulnerabilities for talented hackers to get at your data.


But, we are also realists. We know that Cloud Computing has significant and compelling business advantages, specifically major cost savings. Therefore, we know most companies will move some information to the Cloud.

So, we want you to think about the importance of performing due diligence on your vendor’s security practices before a Cloud Computing implementation. Without it, all of your savings from Cloud Computing and then some could end up lost to a data breach – a full $19.2 million.


In the below infographic we suggest four questions to start with in your review of Cloud providers, but there are plenty more things to consider before putting data in the Cloud. Let’s talk further about the security requirements for data in the Cloud.

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