Friday, 4 May 2012

vSphere 5 Lab Automation

vSphere 5 Lab Automation

Ever had trouble in setting up your own vSphere lab?? Don’t know where and how to get started??

Well Alastair Cooke and company have posted a nice automation tool that will enable you to build your lab in a snap.

In a nut shell this tool lets you deploy your lab setup in a single laptop/dekstop with just 8GB of memory.

Once deployed the tool will leave you with 2 ESXi hosts, 1 vCenter, 1 domian controler, 1 Freenas and 1 FreeSCO for you to test/learn etc. Keep in mind only free/open source software are distributed with the tool, you will need the installers and licenses for whats not considered free.

So, if you are new to vSphere and don’t know where to begin, this will certainly help, you can also be a veteran and simply use this for testing purposes. The rest of the details are here.


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