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Thinapp Factory – Create your ThinApp Packages Automatically

Thinapp Factory – Create your ThinApp Packages Automatically

Thinapp Factory Released

Thinapp Factory creates automatically Thinapp Packages from Application Exe files which are grabbed from a network share. The Thinapp Factory “collaborates” with one or several desktop VMs (Win XP or Win7) which are used for creating the ThinApps. That’s why I guess, also the name – ThinApp Factory.

You can imagine to have several of those helper VMs just waiting for an executable file being dropped to a network share, and then transformed into a ThinApp package automatically…  And you can imagine having several instances of ThinApp Factory Appliances side by side running as well…. Yes, that’s also possible.

Those VMs which are used for the package creation can be Win XP SP3 or Win 7 (with or without SP) – x32. You’ll need to allow at least 20 Gigs of disk space for each of those VMs, but 80 Gigs are recommended. It’s because inside of those VMs the packages will get created and so depending on the size an application, you’ll need a disk space to use with.

Thinapp Factory 

The Thinapp Factory has been released as a Free Application through VMware Labs – as a new Fling. You can download and test this virtual appliance (VM) in your home lab (if you have one), in VMware Workstation or VMware Player.

There is a good detailed PDF which will guide you through. See ThinApp Factory Installation Guide. It’s a must read.

You’ll see that the configuration differs on whether it’s installed on vSphere or through Workstation.

The ThinApp Factory details:
  • Version: 0.3.0
  • File Size: 489 MB
System Requirements:
  • vCPUs: 2
  • vRam: 2 GB
  • vHDD: 500 MB
Supported Browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 8 or 9
  • Firefox 3.5 or later
  • Chrome 11.0 or later (not supported with use of VRMC and manual capture)
  • Safari 5 or later
See the Thinapp Factory Architecture:

Thinapp Factory architecture

The Thinapp Factory is as for now – tech preview.

A quick quote from the VMware Labs:
"The ThinApp Factory is a virtual appliance that brings centralized administration and automation to the process of creating virtualized Windows applications with VMware ThinApp technology. ThinApp Factory utilizes vSphere API’s to spawn workloads which automatically convert file shares of application installers into ThinApp application containers. These workloads can be run in parallel to maximize throughput and increase ROI for virtualization projects. Packagers and administrators can now utilize ‘Recipes’ during this packaging process. Recipes are simply small json files which contain a redistributable blueprint of the customizations and optimizations necessary for packaging complex applications. These recipes can be created and now exchanged freely with other customers via the ThinApp community site."
Screenshot from the admin panel.
Thinapp Factory Admin Screen

ThinApp community site
Downloadd ThinApp Factory

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