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Apache Cloudstack

Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack is the leading opensource cloud orchestration platform, in use by many of the worlds largest public and private clouds. The project was created after Citrix’s donation of the Cloudstack project to The Apache Foundation. Citrix remain the largest contributor to the developer community.
CloudStack is currently an identical codebase to Citrix’s commercial CloudPlatform offering and provides an identical feature set currently.

About Apache CloudStack

CloudStack is a multi-hypervisor, multi-tenant, high-availability Infrastructure as a Service cloud management platform. Cloudstack is software that provides a cloud Orchestration layer; giving automation of the creation, provisioning and configuration of IaaS components (such as virtual servers) . Cloudstack turns an existing virtual infrastructure into a cloud-based infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. The fact CloudStack leverages existing infrastructure means that the cost and time for an organisation to build a multi-tenant IaaS platform is greatly reduced.

So, rather than your technical engineering team having to manually configure servers for customers, they can be created automatically based on a online customer purchase or an internal request. This allows IT Service Providers and enterprise IT infrastructure teams to deliver true IaaS solutions.

Platform independent

Cloudstack is hypervisor agnostic, supporting VMware, Oracle VM, KVM, XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform. This gives Cloudstack a unique position in the market : it is not proprietary technology and is not tied to any specific infrastructure.

Business Automation

Cloudstack can also orchestrate the non-technical elements of service delivery such as billing and metering. It presents a range of API’s, allowing it to be integrated with any other platforms.


As with Citrix CloudPlatform, apache CloudStack can be used to create scaable:
  • Hosted public clouds
  • Hoisted private clouds
  • On-premise private clouds

Apache Cloudstack is currently an identical technology to Citrix CloudPlatform. The key difference is that the product is only supported through the Apache community or 3rd parties – there is no direct vendor support available for this version of the software.

The main advantage is that the product does not incur any licensing costs. It is therefore ideally suited for Proof Of Concept environments or for organizations that are prepared to work with the Apache Community for software support.

Further Reading

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