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Big Data Infographic: The 2012 London Summer Games

Big Data Infographic: The 2012 London Summer Games

Recent years have seen a lot of development in the cloud computing sphere. Big data is believed by many to be here to stay, and a lot of real investment is touted to happen in this particular area. Such a trend is quite exciting, as new, better and more powerful infrastructure will be needed to support all this. So,  a lot of further development is on the way to accommodate these computing perimeters.

Does agility matter?

Your company might have been in the business for many years, or it may be a newcomer to the field – JIT (Just in Time) deployment of services is very important for both types of organizations. This is also critical to the success of any of the types of company described above. While small business owners may sometimes think that there is a cost control through traditional IT, they really need to consider the agility that the cloud brings to their businesses. Cloud computing, when moved and executed properly, can help companies tap market opportunities to the best possible effect, due to the extended flexibility and agility it has to offer. The recent acquisition of Cloud dot com by Citrix clearly proves that there has been an increase in interest in cloud computing technology. It is also touted in the networking space that many emerging SDN players are bound to be acquisition targets for major companies keeping an eye on the developments in the sphere.

The most important standards in Cloud

There are a lot of important standards that need to be provisioned into the cloud computing sphere, one of which is using a standardAPI. With services like Cloud Stack and Open Stack, a lot of progress is being made in this regard. However, there is still work left to be done regarding the way abstraction of various layers is defined, especially in the security and networking layers. The work being done with Open Stack is quite commendable, and it could serve as a guiding platform for SDN to become aligned with this vision of abstraction in network and security.

Big data – the buzz

Big data is not new. It has existed for ages and can be attributed even to the initial years of computing. However, one might do well to consider why is there an increased buzz around this now. The answer is quite simple: Significant advances that have been brought about by x86 hardware have actually helped in bringing computing power to the masses. However, with new technologies such as vPlane, etc., cloud computing has extended this power. Now, users have extended perimeters, while still being able to control costs effectively. Cloud computing platforms have achieved performance standards that were previously only possible by using ASICs built specifically for that purpose.

The Verdict

There is no clear-cut verdict in this domain. While cloud computing has become a boon to network infrastructures, it has also been a support to the ever-expanding needs of infrastructure, and also put a check on the costs. The agility it brings does has not yet seen a the time when end-to-end cloud computing operating systems are a common phenomenon

Lets take a closer look at the global scale of Big Data and how it was utilized at The 2012 London Summer Games.

big data infographic

Infographic Source: NetApp
Wriite up: CloudTweaks

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