Saturday, 18 August 2012

Infographic: The State of OpenStack Adoption

Infographic: The State of OpenStack Adoption

Openstack has passed it’s two year anniversary. Well done guys. Openstack is an Open Source software which is used for building cloud infrastructure. Other companies that let you create a cloud include CloudStack, VMWare’s vCloud Director and Eucalyptus.

OpenStack have had 166 organisations supporting it, including NASA, Intel, AMD, Rackspace, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Dell, AT & T, IBM, Canonical, Red Hat, Citrix and Rightscale. Phew. That is impressive. Rackspace and NASA were the first to support OpenStack.

OpenStack have a new release called “Essex” and it’s new release will come out in late September. Openstack has had a lot of support and is gaining momentum at a fast pace. They have not gained on Amazon EC2 yet and EC2 is still dominating the market. It is not all good news though. NASA has dropped funding. Others who have dropped out are Citrix who have their own cloud now called CloudStack.
There are a lot of reasons to adopt OpenStack, and the learning curve can be steep, based on 772 surveys gathered by Zenoss at the OpenStack Conference earlier this fall. 
Among enterprise, service provider and government respondents, OpenStack and VMware vSphere are nearly tied in terms of deployment. Based on the survey, 40% of the respondents plan on being operational in the next year with OpenStack, showing that there is some more work to be done to make implementations easier.

And not surprising given the source of the survey, Zenoss (48%) and Nagios (41%) are the management tools most likely to be used.


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