Tuesday, 18 September 2012

True Facts To Help You Talk About Cloud Computing In The Social Scene

True Facts To Help You Talk About Cloud Computing In The Social Scene

Cloud computing as a technology is changing the way so many things are done today. It’s at the center of how you use another company’s e-mail, how you share documents on Google, how you chat on Skype, and so much more. The list of what the cloud implies is endless; however, if you have no clue about what cloud computing does for you, you are not alone. There are many people as you out there who have no idea what the cloud does for them.

Cloud computing is not entirely new. It’s been here for a decade or so. However, if you think it’s alien, more than 50 percent of Americans have no clue about it as well. Many think cloud computing has something to do with tissue paper, weather, or even soap. If you do a bit of research, you will be amazed at how much cloud computing is familiar and easy to apply.

If you happen to be in a social setting where everybody talks about cloud computing, just say anything. The truth is that there are virtually a million cloud computing solutions for each and every digital function in the world. The common functions are storage, hosting, and sharing, and they are different for lawyers, doctors, accountants, and so forth. Cloud computing is very specific, adaptable, and it cuts across different sectors of the economy, politics, and functions. Therefore, when you are in a social scene, understand that there is a possibility for something that’s different, but the concept is the same.

When the discussions shift to economics, it’s essential you emphasize the role cloud computing plays. The first front you can use to enlighten people about cloud computing is cost efficiency. People concerned about economics love to hear this. When businesses spend less on acquiring less IT infrastructure, such as hardware and software, they make more profit. The economic implications are straightforward. The adoption of cloud computing triggers a chain reaction that boosts the government’s tax bracket collections. You can also choose to dwell on how the cloud promotes cheaper working options, such as telecommuting, especially for IT-based companies. This helps individual economics directly. There is no limit to what you can talk about the cloud in a social setting, economically speaking.

In general, there are so many facts about cloud computing that can power social conversation. You just have to understand the social problem or topic. If there is a way it can be automated, cloud computing won’t be hard. The above are just some ideas for popular social chat topics you could borrow from and develop into good arguments.

Infographic Source: Citrix.com
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