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Installing Ubuntu 12.04 Server

Installing Ubuntu 12.04 Server

I recently installed and configured LAMP on my Ubuntu 12.04 Server. So decided to share the steps out with you.

Getting started with Ubuntu 12.04 Server Edition is pretty easy and straight forward. Simply download the latest version of Ubuntu Server from HERE, burn the ISO to a Disk and boot your PC from it. 

NOTE: It is quite normal for people to want to install the latest and greatest version of a particular OS but in the case of Ubuntu I would recommend sticking with the LTS (Long Term Support) versions. Ubuntu 12.04 Server is LTS.

Alternatively, you can use the ISO file to create your very own Ubuntu 12.04 Server Virtual Machine as well using VMware Workstation as shown HERE.

I am going to presume that you have your PC/ VM ready along with the Ubuntu Server ISO. So lets get started !!!

When you boot your Ubuntu Server from the ISO/ CD for the first time, you will see the following screen. In this you need to select your language and press ENTER

Select “Install Ubuntu Server” and press ENTER

Select your "language" and press ENTER

Select your "location" and press ENTER

If you want to try to have your keyboard layout detected by pressing a series of keys you need to select YES option. If you want to choose from a list click NO

Select "Origin of keyboard" and press ENTER

Select "keyboard layout" and press ENTER

Loading additional components in progress

Enter your server "Hostname"

You need enter the Full name of the user you want to create for your server. In this example I have created "clouduser" user select "continue" and press ENTER

Enter your "user account name" here

Entered the "password" for "clouduser" user. Select "continue" and press ENTER

Confirm password for "clouduser" user

If you want to configure encrypted private directory select "YES" and press ENTER. Else, select "NO" and press ENTER

Based on your present physical location, Ubuntu Server will automatically populate your time zone settings. If the time Zone is correct, select "YES" and hit ENTER

You have to partition your hard disk. In this example I have selected "use entire disk and set up LVM" option. If you want to do manually you can choose "manual option" and press ENTER.

Warning message about data lost on your hard disk

You will get a warning for configuring LVM o your HDD as well. Select "YES" and hit ENTER

You can set up your LVM in many ways, by providing exact "size" in GB or by using shorcuts like "MIN" and "MAX", which will take up the minimum and maximum size of the LVM respectively, or you can specify the value of your LVM size in "percentage" as well. 

 Write the changes to disk here you need to select "YES" and press ENTER

Installing base system in progress

If your Internet is served by a HTTP Proxy server, then provide those details here. Else select "continue" and press ENTER

Configuring package mirror. This will be related to your country option

Select how do you want to configure automatic updates. Press ENTER

Installing GRUB Boot loader in progress. Select "YES" to install the GRUB Boot loader to the master boot record. Press ENTER

Now the installation process will start. This can take upto 15 minutes to complete. Once done, remove your CD/ ISO file from your PC/ VM and reboot your server. To reboot, simply select "Continue" and press ENTER

After rebooting your server it will prompt for username and password once you logged in you should see similar to the following screen

There it is !! Ubuntu 12.04 Server installed.

You can read more on Ubuntu by downloading this 143 page FREE eBOOK on "Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10".

This guide will cover the basics of Ubuntu 12.10 (such as installation and working with the desktop) as well as guide you through some of the most popular applications used with Ubuntu 12.10.

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