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Eucalyptus 3.3 Tutorials- Creating Launch Configuration

Eucalyptus 3.3 Tutorials
Creating Launch Configuration

In this set of tutorials, we are going have a look at the steps to create your first Launch Configuration for your Autoscaling task.

Launch Configurations

This contains all of the information necessary for Auto Scaling to launch instances, including instance type, image ID, key pairs, security groups, and block device mappings.

NOTE: Once a Launch Configuration is created, it cannot be updated. You will be required to delete the existing Launch Configuration and create a new one in its place.

There can be only ONE Launch Configuration associated with an Autoscaling Group.

To get started, we first need to create our Launch Configuration. For that, we use the "euscale-create-launch-config" command as shown below:

NOTE: Before you get started with any autoscaling task, its always good (although not necessary) to have a Security Group and a Key Pair created specifically for it. Also make a note of the Machine Image (EMI) ID that you want to associate this Launch Config with.


euscale-create-launch-config <LAUNCHCONFIG> 
                                    --image-id <EMI_ID>
                                    --instance-type <TYPE>
                                    --group GROUP1,GROUP2,...  

                                    --key KEYPAIR

This is the basic syntax that will get you Launch Configuration up and running. You can optionally provide additional parameters as you see fit.


euscale-create-launch-config MylaunchConfig \
                                    --image-id emi-34A13ED2 \
                                    --instance-type m1.small \
                                    --group default \  

                                    --key autokey

Once done, you will be provided with an output similar to the image shown above. With this, your Launch Configuration is now ready.

Few additional commands related to Launch Configuration:

For describing Launch Configurations
euscale-describe-launch-configuration <LaunchConfigurationName>
For deleting Launch Configurations
euscale-delete-launch-configuration <LaunchConfigurationName>

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