Monday, 12 October 2015

Infographic: Manage the Surge In Unstructured Data

Manage the Surge In Unstructured Data

We produce at least 2 to 3
quintillion bytes (That's 18 zeros!!) of raw, unstructured data  per day from Facebook, to online shopping, to Googling etc and this number is growing exponentially each and every day! Storing, analyzing and managing this vast amount of data is a tough challenge even for most IT organizations. 
Here's a look at what Unstructured Data is and how can it impact your business / organization? Infographic Source

How to Understand and Manage Unstructured Data

Taking the correct steps to ensure your infrastructure can handle unstructured data + your typical systems (VoIP, etc.) is a key piece of preparing for the 21st century. XO Communications


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